Welcome to the Natural Choice for Early Childhood Education!

PrintFrog Pond is a one-of-a-kind nature program located on two acres in the middle of the urban enclave that is Alexandria, VA. It is an inclusive program teaching and nurturing children with a nature-based, science rich curriculum.

Frog Pond offers a top quality, developmentally appropriate learning environment in an atmosphere of consistent, affectionate care. We focus on character development, outdoor play, and learning about nature in a holistic, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our center promotes growth in all aspects of each young person’s development and we welcome employees, children, and families of all races, religions and creeds.

Frog Pond celebrated the Year of the Frog, as we honored our 15th Year Anniversary, through various events, county recognition, fundraisers, and connections with long-time supporters. 2015 was The Year of the Chicken, during which we learned many lessons from our mini-farm of animal friends. This year, 2016, is a resilience-building year! Dubbed, The Year of the Flood, 2016 is proving to our community once again what makes Frog Pond such a beautiful School Family . See below for more information about “The Great Frog Pond Flood!”

To inquire about our wait list for the Fall 2016-2017 enrollment period, please email info@frogpondkids.org.

Year-of-the-Flood-finalTHE GREAT FROG POND FLOOD of 2016:

One of Frog Pond’s classrooms was under EMERGENCY REPAIR due to a FLOOD caused by the Fairfax County sewage line during the first week of January.

Please remember to share our website and story with your extended family, friends, and employers as we continue to fundraise in efforts to offset the losses from the county’s sewage back-up, which destroyed our lower level classroom. Through tedious management and community support, we were able to re-open February 2nd, but the financial recovery will take all year! There has been some movement on the county’s response, as our Executive Team has endlessly requested additional testing and assessment of the wastewater infrastructure. Due to our continued request, the issue is now being handled at the Executive Office level of County management. However, as talk of reparations continue to be delayed, we know the county will not cover everything we’ve had to endure!

If you or your organization are interested in donating any of the Supply Wish List items click here and/or contact Gail Dickert at gail@frogpondkids.org.

The school’s losses are now estimated at $124,000 to date, which includes additional construction required to protect us from an event like this in the future, should the county neglect its sewage lines again. We cannot recover fully without your support. Thank you for believing that our school deserves to be “The Natural Choice for Early Childhood” for decades to come.

Frog Pond thanks the following vendors for their outstanding work to rebuild the classroom: Dwyer Plumbing, Fina Construction, Becker Electric.

Donations accepted via PayPal on the right panel or via check.

Below is a photo collage of the damage.

UnknownFROG POND LOWER LEVEL RE-OPENED! See photos below! Welcome “home” School Family!

 DSCN7237 DSCN7271

We are grateful to all who rally around the Pond, since 1998 and counting!

Much love from the Pond ~
Gail Dickert, Executive Director

We are community that has been supported since 1998 and place our trust in the integrity of the legacy we have in our area and beyond. Frog Pond Kids relies on your support! 

Take a look at our YouTube Page to see some of our past videos. 

Frog Pond celebrated its 15-Year Anniversary in October 2014 by gathering current families, alumni, and local community supporters for a gala with local food, lighthearted music, and endless laughter. Check out more information at this video below:

Sliding Snapper!

It’s true! A few years ago, a mama snapping turtle, who laid and buried a batch of eggs on top of Toad Mountain in our big kid play yard, decided to take the express way home.

A class of of pre-schoolers cheered her on as she made her way down the slide. This is just a small sampling of the meaningful teaching moments the children at Frog Pond experience daily (though is certainly the first time we have witnessed a turtle using a slide!)

View the video here! (Be sure to turn your volume up to hear the reaction of the kids.)

Frog Pond is owned and operated by Mother Nurture Company, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to serving working families with young children and connecting children with nature.