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Tadpoles: Water Cycle and Huntley Meadows

The Tadpoles enjoyed watching a video depicting the water cycle with classical music playing in the background. It was fun pointing out different parts of the video and asking them what they saw. They understand that the sun makes water go into the … Continue reading

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Diana Delves into Frog Class Fun – Welcome Spring!

As Spring approaches, I have noticed more and more, the beautiful sounds of birds. They are returning to welcome Spring! Though February was rather unpredictable, we hope that March will bring more of the warm, balmy weather that we love. … Continue reading

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Heather’s Tadpole Tales: March Adventures

You are at the park. Suddenly, the wind is blowing. You turn your head to catch the wind in your face. As you feel the wind blow against your face, you close your eyes and feel how your hair is … Continue reading

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Frog Class: Hot and Cold, Fire and Water

A sneak peak at what our Frog students are exploring this month: Hot and cold. In the middle of winter we can more readily experience both extremities. Cold weather will not keep our Frogs from playing outdoors. They will experience … Continue reading

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