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All-Natural Pioneer Toys

Today was a beautiful day! I showed the frogs some things I had found on a walk with my family this past weekend. There were balls of flying seeds, owl pellets, and a piece of animal fur. After I shared my story, some … Continue reading

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Frog Class Winter Picnic

Today was a mild winter day, with warm sunshine. Our thermometer at Toad Mountain read 65 degrees! We decided to have a picnic in such nice weather! Other outdoor activities included the game “Run Rabbit, Run!” (their new favorite running … Continue reading

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Fun and Games … Naturally

As a nature-based preschool, we make every effort to take advantage of the bounty that nature has provided. The games and theater pictured below offer a few examples of how we incorporate nature into play. The tree stumps were created … Continue reading

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Father’s Day and Turtles at Frog Pond

Turtles are everywhere at Frog Pond these days! What more could a nature-based preschool ask for? Not only did we have a Mama Turtle come to Toad Mountain, dig a hole and then lay her eggs in it before descending … Continue reading

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Turtle Drawing Gallery

Drawing of turtles by Frog students at Frog Pond Early Learning Center. Enjoy!

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Men at Work – and Play

Taking advantage of a warm spring day, these boys put their muscles to work in the spirit of good, old-fashioned fun!

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More Work Party Findings by the Frogs

A list of the changes students noticed after the Family Work Party on Saturday, March 26th: Lucian saw mulch under the swing set Eli saw the butterfly and bird watching station Sadie saw dirt in the sandbox Idrissa saw a … Continue reading

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