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Frog Fun: Erosion and Baby Animals

Continuing our study of water this month, during small group time in the Frog class one group learned about erosion with a model watershed. Science Sarah used modeling clay to create a slope on which they put dirt. Then they … Continue reading

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Tadpoles: Water Cycle and Huntley Meadows

The Tadpoles enjoyed watching a video depicting the water cycle with classical music playing in the background. It was fun pointing out different parts of the video and asking them what they saw. They understand that the sun makes water go into the … Continue reading

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Child’s Play: Using Balloons to Learn About Wind

March is an idea time to explore wind. Children love balloons. What better way to teach children about the wind than to incorporate one of their favorite play things. Last week, the children brought balloons to Toad Mountain. We blew … Continue reading

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Kid-Friendly Recipe: Southwest Salad

For Frog class small group, one of the groups made salad dressing. We used grapefruit juice, vegetable oil, fresh parsley, a little sugar, salt, pepper, and chili powder. We shook it all together and realized that, just like our oil … Continue reading

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Science Sarah Says … Watch Out for Weather

Most of us know that March comes roaring in like a lion and leaves meekly like a lamb—except when it doesn’t! Weather has always been unpredictable in our temperate climate. But we can expect March to be a season of … Continue reading

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