2016 Sponsors


Frog Pond is now welcoming individuals, businesses, and organizations as Fall Festival Sponsors in 2016. 

For more information in this year’s sponsor letter, hop to the Fall Festival 2016 Sponsor Letter

SUPER SLUDGE-BUSTERS                                                

  • The Nicholson Family


Insert your business here by making a tax-deductible donation before 10/22/16

PERFECT PIPE-CLEANERS                                               

  • The Laughlin Family
  • Mount Vernon Unitarian Church


  • Anonymous Long-term Frog Friend (Vendor)
  • The Gailliot Family
  • The Montgomery Family
  • Anonymous Long-term Frog Friend (Individual)


  • Pinto Contractors
  • Tom and Kathy Gailliot
  • Barbara Fried
  • Current Frog Pond Family (Frog and Tadpole)
  • fibre space


  • The Evans Family
  • Anonymous Community Supporter (Boston, MA)
  • Tracy Cherpeski

We would also like to thank the following businesses and individuals for in-kind donations:

Safe and Sound Pets, Gregory Woods – Keeper of Stories, Fina Construction, Grounded Coffee Shop, Rorer’s Produce

Sponsorship Categories are below:

  • SUPER SLUDGE-BUSTERS           $10,000 or greater
  • RELIABLE RENOVATORS             $5,000-$9,999
  • PERFECT PIPE-CLEANERS           $2,500-$4,999
  • RESILIENT RIPTIDES                     $1,000-$2,499
  • CRAFTY CURRENTS                        $500-$999
  • WILD WAVES                                     $250-$499


During the Year of the Flood, we also recognize the small donations of over 50 other people who helped get us through the classroom restoration in January! Your donation makes a difference, no matter what the amount.

Sponsor list will be updated again after 10/22/16.
Our Sponsors will remain listed until next year’s Fall Festival call for Sponsors.



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