Tadpole Tuesdays: Pupusas and Goat Fun

Some Tadpoles were very excited to help Ms. Angelica make pupusas for us to try at snack time. They tried the dough and the cheese before they started rolling it out. They were all very helpful while they were rolling and flattening the dough. It seemed as though some of them had made tortillas before, but maybe they have just had a lot of practice with playdough. We look forward to trying them at snacktime.

We spent a lot of time outside taking turns to visit the goats with Ms. Sadeka. We got to say hello to Max while he was sitting and soaking up the sunshine. We gave Henry a pat on the back while we was eating and later while he was getting a drink. We fed leaves and clover flowers to Gizmo and watch Frida use her foot to scratch an itch. It is really fun to visit each of the goats and get to see their personalities. While were in the goat yard we tried to remember the names of some of the chickens. We also looked in on some of the chickens who were sitting on nests in the chicken coop.

In the Tadpole Yard there was a lot of different dramatic play today. A few of the Tadpoles were having a picnic with Ms. Abby in the one of the little houses. Some were sitting on top of the tunnel and said that they were riding on a train. They really wanted to ride the train to the zoo. A lot of the Tadpoles spent a long time in the sand kitchen. They started a restaurant or food stand. If one of their friends or teachers was sitting close by they would ask what they wanted to eat.

At Toad Mountain the Jumpers all enjoyed trying out the new obstacle course that the Frogs made. They used the balance bean while walking between two logs, hopped across the tires and ended by crawling along the slide. They all tried going through it with the Frogs multiple times. They also helped to change it to make it more interesting each time.


The Tadpole Team

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Frog Fridays: Flurries and Fun

Happy Friday Frog Families!

A week that started with such t-shirts and shorts, ended with the return of poofy jackets and snow suits as we had many snow sightings out at the Mountain. The day included many games, old favorites like Hungry Hippo and Fire in the Forest and some new games like one Ms. Bani made using marbles as balls and cups as goals to slide them into!

One of the peeper frogs brought in a feather to show her group, and Mr. Mark let their lesson flow right from that. They looked at feathers from the chickens we have in our yard, and then they played a chicken game! The chorus frogs and Ms. Megan headed outside to play a game called, “Freeze, Freeze, Run!” When she said run they got to run all over goat alley until she called out “Freeze!” and they had to freeze on the spot. The cricket frogs meanwhile made beautiful cherry blossom trees, which is perfectly timed for the cherry blossoms that will soon be blooming. The green tree frogs role played as different community helpers as they called in the police, and firemen for different incidents.

This has been a long, but very exciting week at the Pond! As stated in an earlier email, we have two new frogs in the class! To see our class expand and to be so inclusive was very special. Almost every morning during breakfast we would talk about ways we could be helpful to the new frogs, and ways in which the frogs had already been helpful. They were very excited to report how they had taught the frogs new games, invited them to play, or showed them where certain things in the class are found. While the older frogs were excited to have an opportunity to be leaders in the classroom, the younger frogs have been very happy to welcome some of their old Tadpole friends into the class ūüôā

All in all, it’s been a fun day and a very exciting week! Wishing you all a very happy (and relaxing) weekend ūüôā

All the best,

Frog Teachers

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Tadpole Tuesdays: Preparing the Garden in February!

During another exciting day at the Pond, our Tadpole Classroom began preparations for the garden… unseasonably warm, but we are responding by observing and playing in the dirt.

Enjoy our photos!

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Tadpole Tuesdays: Birds and Mud

Today at the art table, the children created art with the shredded papers and glue. They spread glue and put the shredded papers on it.

In the back room, the children played tumbling on the soft mat and danced with the music. Some of them pretended wooden blocks were microphones and sang. Some of them built with the building blocks.

In the Front room, the children built roads with the waffle blocks and drove their toy cars on it. Some of them were busy cooking. We also did baby doll circle time our little friends really enjoyed it.  Baby doll circle time provides one an one time, connections, relationships, loving and caring.

Outside the children watched  the birds. We saw many cardinals and chickadees. We also saw vulture flying and imitate the vulture. Some of them ride cars and tricycles on the sidewalk and some of them had great time walking on the balance beam. They also feed the goats  and made goat call.

The Jumpers went to the Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They dug in the dirt pile with shovels and some of them made pretend apple pie at the table while others played a hide and seek game.


The Tadpole Team


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Frog Fridays: We Love Mud!

Hi Frog Families!

We have had a beautiful, muddy day at the Pond! This morning was spent using the giant waffle blocks to build several trucks and a motorcycle or two. Later several frogs transformed into monkeys and climbed all over one of the trees in the yard while other frogs chased each other all around as they pretended to be bears.

The Peeper frogs traveled along the Pipeline trail, with Science Sarah and Ms. Rebeca. Upon their return they reported sighting birds, a dog, and a whole bunch of mud. Many frogs were excited to announce that they had gotten stuck in the mud and needed to be rescued by one of the teachers.

The cricket frogs had a great time wrestling and dancing on the wrestling mats in the front room. As they took turns wrestling they each developed their own techniques and of course they all had some stellar dance moves to show off. Meanwhile the chorus frogs played a migration game with Ms. Bani, and they had a blast flying across the room as different animals.

The green tree frogs led a bear hunt around the classroom as they crossed rivers and meadows. Thus, the imagination and energy around the classroom was in full swing!

After lessons, Mr. Mark reports there was a bunch of fun restaurant play at Toad Mountain. Some excellent chefs quickly prepared a feast of carrot and ginger soup, and spaghetti and meatballs. As they ate their meal they discussed their pets and how they have to be sure to also feed them.

We are all looking forward to what the rest of the day holds!


The Frog Team

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Frog Friday: Cooking and Exploring

This Morning we had some beautiful aromas wafting throughout the classroom thanks to Ms. Kim and the Green Tree Frogs cooking up a storm; they made rice pudding!  They used brown rice grits, milk, butter, cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and a pinch of salt.  It seemed to be quite a hit as the Green Tree Frogs sampled it (the rest of the children will have it at snack).  As the children made the rice pudding, they loved the texture of the rice.  In order to make the pudding they took turns measuring out the different ingredients.  After they finished making the rice pudding, they did a taste test and Frog Chefs decided they needed to add more cinnamon.

While Green Tree Frogs were cooking, Chorus and Cricket Frogs did space activities.  Cricket Frogs made rockets with Ms. Rebeca and talked about how rockets blasted off and where they last blast off to.  A couple of the children mentioned wanting to go to the Moon, but soon enough all of the children wanted to blast off far into our Solar System.

Chorus Frogs went into the backroom with Ms. Bani and enjoyed experimenting with flashlights.  At first Ms. Bani was trying to teach about how we are able to see the Moon because of the sunshine rays that are reflected back to us.  But soon enough Ms. Bani let the kids become their own planets, shining the flashlights onto different parts of the room.

Peeper Frogs made family posters with Mr. Mark.  Some of the children cut and glued photos of their families and other children drew their family members.

We were impressed with how the children drew their family members, some without any help.

Lastly, we just wanted to mention that some teachers did see some snowflakes on the way to school this week, so we thought it was only fitting to sing Frosty the Snowman at Morning Meeting.



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Frog Fridays: So Much to Celebrate

Today at Morning Meeting Ms. Megan shared about a caterpillar that the children had found at Toad Mountain.  Ms. Kim and the children used field guides to try to determine which caterpillar it was but were unable to determine it.  Nevertheless, it was exciting and the children learned researching skills.

Afterwards Peeper Frogs went to Huntley Meadows with Ms. Bani and Science Sarah.  Their goal was to make it to the wetlands so that they could see the beaver lodge that the beavers had been working at.  It is the lodge that is near the first bench, and it is quite a project!  Once they got there, Science Sarah read them a book about beavers.

Cricket Frogs were so excited to know that the Thanksgiving Lunch is only one day away.  They were all doing decorations, making Thanksgiving wreaths with Ms. Rebeca.

Chorus Frogs visited the goats with Mr. Mark.¬† We noticed that Frida and Gizmo were both asleep so we let them bask in the sunshine and instead pet Henry and Max (well, Max was also busy gobbling a piece of pumpkin).¬† We also did our Feeling Buddies lesson inside about what to do when Anger “Gets a Hold” of us.

Green Tree Frogs played grocery store with Ms. Kim.  They pretended to drive to the store and park.  They also took turns shopping and weighing vegetables.  They really enjoyed bagging the groceries and pretended to swipe their grocery cards to pay!

Enjoy the weekend!

~ The Frog Team ~

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Tadpole Tuesdays: Autumn Colors!

This week we will be learning about “Autumn leaves and colors”. Today the children chose their favorite animals for our “Wild Animal Costume Parade” and they painted their costumes.

At the art table, the children used crayons to draw their favorite animals. They used different color crayons to draw. We talked about the colors so the children could learn and discover more!

In the back room, the children built train tracks as  a team and they built tunnels as well. They built the tunnels, giving a support, and then they drove their trains under the tunnel. Some of them danced with music that was playing.

In the front room, the children built trains and towers from Legos. They built tall towers as a team; some of them were holding the tower to keep it safe and some of them were building. We read books that talked about autumn leaves and sang an autumn-themed song.

Outside the children painted their animal costume for our “Wild Animal Costume Parade”. Some of them shared¬† about their costume with other friends and made animal sounds. We looked at different trees for signs of autumn. The children started to point out the different color leaves. Some of them tried to catch the leaves in the air.

The jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They played an animal running game and some of them baked in a pan with mulch and water. They enjoyed looking for ingredients for their bakery!

It was Great Exploring Day at the Pond!!!


The Tadpole Team

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Frog Friday: Mystery of Rotten Tomatoes & Puppetry

Right before Morning Meeting several Frogs and I picked a ripe cantaloupe from the garden.  It smelled absolutely delicious and was turning yellow.

We also picked several large, rotten tomatoes that had holes in them.

Immediately investigation started about what had happened to these poor, little tomatoes.  Quite quickly Frog Naturalists determined that an animal must have eaten it, but which animal?  Kids had several ideas:  a mouse, raccoon, owl, and even a mole.  We discussed our ideas at Morning Meeting, and only felt it would be natural to talk to Squeak, our mouse puppet, and Wilford, our owl puppet.

Once inside, Bumble Bee harshly accused Squeak of eating the tomato.¬† Squeak became nervous and tried to hide.¬† Rover stepped in and helped mediate the conflict between Bumble Bee and Squeak.¬† It turns out that Squeak needed some food and didn’t know where else to look, so he ate part of the tomatoes, but thought to leave some for us.¬† Once one of the children shared another tomato with Bumble Bee, and all was settled.¬† Although it is just a “tad” bit unlikely that a mouse ate part of that tomato, why not entertain the kids and go with their ideas?

Peeper Frogs went with Ms. Megan and Science Sarah to Huntley Meadows.¬† They saw some giant spiders—’tis the season.¬† Last night while taking out the trash I almost walked into a spider web with a large spider as well!¬† The spider web looked glorious in the light.¬† I also heard the Peeper Frogs bumped into one of our very own Frog Parents with their doggies!

Cricket Frogs made a most delicious yogurt fruit salad with Ms. Rebeca.  I can attest that the salad was absolutely delicious.  The children spent close to an hour cutting up apples, mango, and grapes.  Then, they mixed it with some yogurt to make a refreshing salad.

Green Tree Frogs read Shubert is a Star by Dr. Becky Bailey with Ms. Bani.

Chorus Frogs helped Bumble Bee and Squeak resolve the conflict over the eaten tomatoes.  Then, they met Happy and Sad, two of the buddies from our Feeling Buddies Curriculum.


The Frog Team

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Tadpole Tuesday: Exploring Pumpkin Blossoms

Dear Tadpole Families,

Today early in the morning the children explored around our play ground.

They noticed morning dew on the grass and had great time sweeping with their hands and they were saying, ” I made the rain drop” then let the rain drop fall from their hands back on the grass. We talked about the water cycle.

At the art table, the children looked at the different feeling faces with Ms. Sadeka and created feeling masks with popsicle sticks and glue.

In the back room, the children built mazes from big waffle blocks with Ms. Yashoda.

They worked as a team today. When they lost their interests building then we played musical instruments and danced with music. We also did freeze dance it was so amazing to watch how our little friends has their body control!

In the front room, the children had a picnic with Ms. Jessica. They cooked and shared with their friends and the teachers. Some of them were feeding baby dolls and some of them were busy driving little cars and trucks around the room. We read books, sang “We are a Star” and¬† practiced taking deep breaths at our small group time.

Outside the children explored pumpkin blossoms by sitting next to it and watching bees as they moved from blossom to blossom. This is called a sit spot for the Tadpoles. We said thank you to the bees for pollinating our pumpkin blossoms… so we can have pumpkins! They drew different feeling faces on the side walk with Ms. Angelica. They also enjoyed riding cars and tricycles on the sidewalk.

Some of the children visited our mini farm with Ms. Linda and fed grass to the goats and some of them were busy playing at the water table with Ms. Teresa.

The Jumpers, visited our meadow and walked around the berry patch pretending to go into mazes with the Frogs. Our Jumpers are proud to be able to visit the Toad Mountain and play with the Frogs. They dug with shovels in the digging pit at the Toad Mountain and played Hungry Hippos with the Frogs.

It was Great Day of Exploring at the Pond!!!


The Tadpole Team

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