Once you’ve explored our web site and have a sense of what we’re about, the next step is to schedule a tour. Your family is welcome to visit the school during operating hours (7 am to 6 pm) to see first hand all that Frog Pond has to offer. Tours must be scheduled in advance by emailing us through our contact form or calling 703-765-7663 to make an appointment.

Application & Enrollment Process

Once you’ve toured our school, if you’re interested in enrolling your child, you are welcome to complete and submit an application while here, or you can download the 2019-2020-Student-Application in advance. A non-refundable application fee of $200 must be submitted with the application in order to secure a spot on our waiting list. Once your enrollment is confirmed and a start date has been determined, you’ll be provided with a login for the Parents Portal on this web site where you can download and complete the enrollment packet. All forms, including medical and emergency forms, must be completed and returned at least two weeks prior to your child’s first day. We’re happy to guide you through the process.

Physical Examination

Each child is required to have a physical examination by or under the direction of a physician before enrollment or within one month after first day of attendance. If the child has had a physical examination prior to attendance, it must meet the following requirements:

  • For children under 18 months, within three months prior to attendance
  • For children aged 19 months through 24 months, within six months prior to attendance
  • For children two through five years of age, within 12 months prior to attendance

We must have on file documentation of all age-appropriate immunizations before a child begins at the school. Without appropriate documentation, children without documentation of immunization will not be permitted to attend in accordance with regulations of the State Board of Health.


Frog Pond offers full-time and part-time care (based on ten hour full days / no part-day options available). Tuition is the same rate each month. There are no credits or discounts for school closing days, holidays, sick days, or family vacations. No additional fees for “extended days” Families requiring more than ten hours per day may request this by special agreement for a custom fee.

Your tuition includes catered, freshly cooked nutritious meals prepared from fresh ingredients, without additives, dyes, etc. Children are also served a wholesome morning and afternoon snack consisting of fresh fruits or vegetables, whole grains and organic milk and cheese wherever possible.

Full-Time Tuition (2020 Rates)

Monthly tuition for full-time students is $1950/month. Our full-time rate is based on attendance up to ten hours per day and attendance five days per week. Families can also lock-in current rates for up to 5 years of their tenure as Frog Pond Families, by enrolling in the Friends of the Pond Membership. Details can be addressed during a tour.

Part-Time Tuition

Part-time tuition is based on a daily rate, with a minimum of 3 days per week. Please contact the school about part-time rates.

Children can attend for three or four days per week, however, the days must be the same days each week, e.g. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. We have a limited number of part-time slots, so depending on a number of variables, the waiting list for a part-time slot may be longer. Flexibility with which days your child attends can decrease your wait considerably.

In some cases, parent interested in a full-time slot, may be able to start in a part-time slot and transition to full-time when a full-time slot becomes available.

Tuition is collected via ACH debit one month in advance and in two parts. The first half is debited on the 15th of the month for the first half of the following month and the second half is debited on the last day of the month (28th, 30th or 31st). For example, half of the tuition for April will be debited on March 15th and the other half will be debited on the 31st. If the designated ACH debit day falls on a holiday or weekend, the tuition will be debited on the preceding business day.

Financial Assistance

Qualifying families may request financial assistance towards tuition costs. Partial bartering arrangements are also considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the school about our policies and practices towards financial inclusion and flexibility that may exist in the year you seek to enroll.


Families are asked to give a minimum of 30 days notice prior to withdrawal, though more is appreciated. Families may be asked to immediately remove a child from the program in the event of excessive discipline problems or danger to other children or animals. The center retains the right to remove any child from enrollment and will attempt to give at least two weeks notice. Additional information available in Family Handbook and/or upon request.

These policies and rates are subject to change.