We care about your kids, AND the environment!

We act in integrity with our philosophy of caring for our bodies and the earth by buying earth friendly products and acting in earth friendly ways.  We provide quality fresh food: organic milk, fresh fruit and whole grain snacks, and fresh made meals without dyes, preservatives, hormones.

What We DoIMG_1987

  • We use environmentally friendly laundry detergent, dish soap and allow no harsh chemical compounds into the building.
  • We sanitize according to health department standards with a bleach solution or ammonia solution. No other cleaning compounds enter the building without special permission for a special purpose.
  • We buy in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging pollution. Our paper goods are made of unbleached, recycled material whenever possible. Paper from the office and cardboard are hauled to the recycling station weekly.
  • We do purchase environmentally responsible products that are healthy. Since production of one burger uses water resources equivalent to taking 17 showers and beef contains concentrations of antibiotics, hormones, etc, we contract with Good Food Company that uses beef sparingly to provide nutritious, environmentally friendly meals for our children.
  • We purchase organic milk and natural and/or organic cereal and crackers for the children at My Organic Market (MOM’s), which originated as a locally owned and operated business.
  • Our children sow clover seeds that replace nitrogen in the earth.
  • We maintain a compost pile creates rich soil from our animals straw bedding and other organic material.
  • We cherish our chickens, who keep the bugs relatively bug free and fertilize the ground while on duty!
  • We allow our field to grow in rotated sections to reseed itself.
  • We allow the children reseed play areas where mowing must be maintained.
  • We use plantings that were approved by the Huntley Meadows Park advisers and do not pose a threat to indigenous species.
  • We mostly use native perennial plants for our flower gardens.
  • We grow a 100% organic herb garden.
  • In snow, we use sand on our wooden stairs, deck and parking lot and salt is used sparingly on our concrete walks when icing is a problem.

What We Do NOT Do

  • We do not purchase food from major brands that refuse to label which of their foods have been genetically modified.
  • We do not support companies that highly refine and package products that contain pesticides, hormones, herbicides, artificial colors and flavors.
  • We do not support businesses such as cigarette companies that prey on children with their marketing.
  • We do not have vending machines.
  • We do not consume or display corporate colas or junk food in front of the children and smoking is banned from the grounds.
  • We do not use pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers to maintain the grounds
  • We do not use irrigation systems, other than “Sprinkler Days.”
  • We don’t buy the fast-melt products with all the toxic warnings on the package. We realize that our runoff goes directly into the wetlands we love so much.