Frog Fridays: Snake Sightings and Dragonfly Adventures

Today, we stated our morning by talking about Black Rat snakes since we saw two in the Tadpoles sandbox’s roof.  We talked about their habits and life spans. Now we know that they can grow up to 7 feet long (the biggest in VA) and they can eat as many birds, one after another very easily.  We also know that they strike and have black backs and white bellies.

At Morning Meeting, Frogs talked about the safety rules of going to Huntley Meadows and how can be safe during our small walk.  Our friends said that it is very helpful to stay in the teacher sandwich, to find a partner and hold hands when crossing the street and to always walk in the boardwalk. Those suggestions reminded the Peeper frogs how to be helpful since we went to Huntley Meadows today.

I took the Peeper frogs to Huntley Meadows with Ms. Julie.  We walked all the way to the Wetland, in our walk we saw geese, snapping turtles, box turtles, ducks, tiny frogs, two snakes and heard birds and bull frogs.  In our way back we played running games, kids picked an animal they wanted to be and made a sound like the animal they picked. It was a fun walk.


At Morning Meeting, they shared a beetle shell found in dirt, they touched and described. They also talked about rat snakes after watching how the two snakes ate all the baby birds from the tadpoles’ nests. Ms. Oksana shared some facts on how they eat. Also talked about finding a special animal that we admire from Frog Pond/Huntley Meadows. They will decorate their journal with this animal and try to learn more about its special characteristics. They were asked to find one that appeals to them not to their friends.  For their activity, they explored various animal references and pictures, talked about their special characteristics. Then children drew those that appealed to them.


Some kids found a baby Box Turtle at Toad Mountain they looked it very carefully for a short time then went and played with trucks in Goat Alley.

Other kids decided to collected rocks, took it to the outdoor classroom and colored it.


Dragonflies and Frogs helped Ms. Sarah to built tracks for their cars.

They used colorful tapes, made tracks and parking lots. They also colored and built with blocks.

Even though two snakes ate the baby birds,  some kids were very mature for their age to understand that is how life cycle works. Others were sad. Still, we had an awesome day in nature, learning and discussing it all together as a School Family.

~ Frog Class ~

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