Tadpole Tuesdays: Monarch Fun!

The day started off with a lot of running and chasing games. We continued the movement in Baby Doll Circle Time. For Baby Doll Circle Time, we practiced a couple of different stop and go games. Their favorite was helping their babies do different movements around the circle as fast as they could. We ran, hopped, walked, and flew. When they heard “Red light!” they would stop quickly and then the movement would change.

On the sidewalk there was a lot of excitement when we used the chalk to make butterfly wings for each of our friends. The Tadpoles took turns laying down and we drew butterfly wings around them. They loved it and even started making wings for each other. They made several pairs of beautiful rainbow wings.

After we were finished making wings on the side walk many of the Tadpoles enjoyed playing a butterfly life cycle game. First sat on the ground and pretended to be eggs. Then we popped out of the eggs and ate a few mint leaves to help us grow into big fat caterpillars. After we ate some mint we stood still and did a little dance to turn into chrysalids. But their favorite part was when we emerged as butterflies and flew around the yard.

So many of the Tadpoles flew around the yard with Ms. Sadeka and looked for flowers to rest on and eat. We also had a great time making pancakes in the sandbox with Ms. Koko. Several of the Tadpoles enjoyed playing a game on in the tunnel, climbing on the monkey bars, and driving the cars up and down the sidewalk.

At Toad Mountain the Jumpers were excited to play a butterfly game in the meadow with the Frogs. We also tried out making bracelets with some of the long grass on the Mountain. Unfortunately, by the time we left many of them were lost or broken. They also enjoyed playing Hungry Hippo and running all over the mountain.


The Tadpole Team

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