Frog Fridays: Bees and Being Helpful


We enjoyed a beautiful day exploring nature. The children are learning to take turns being the morning meeting leader. At our morning meeting, we sang two songs: Peter Peter and STAR Song. We also made a poster for being STAR helpers, for our classroom. (See Conscious Discipline for more information). We will have all the children’s names on the board. They seemed very excited to be a STAR (Stop, Take a deep breath, And Relax). One of our friends brought dead honey bees and honeycomb from home to share in a morning meeting. They all looked at it and had group discussion about how bees help us by pollinating plants.

The children enjoyed playing at the water table with sand and sea-shells.

Many of them went pretend fishing at the mud puddle and some of them were looking for the frogs under the logs and they found one. They also harvested tomatoes from our garden today. We will make spaghetti sauce with them tomorrow.

Chorus Frogs finished their scuba diver craft. They seemed very happy to be scuba divers and talked about how they want to explore the ocean.

Peeper Frogs made bee crafts with construction paper. They put all bee body parts together with glue and decorated it.

Green Tree Frogs acted out the daily life of a bee. Some of them made bee hives and some of them collected nectar and helped pollinating flowers.

Some of them gave a warning “I will sting you” buzz.

Dragonflies reviewed a Huntley Meadows map lesson and used it to follow our trails using numbered trail markers. They looked at the compass to review directions.  They saw spider webs, turtles and they heard frogs.

They drew in their journals and enjoyed a beautiful nature walk together.

It was another fun day of exploring at the Frog Pond!


~ The Frog Team ~

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