Tadpole Tuesdays: Making Airplanes & Finding Frog Eggs!

One of our outside projects today was to make little planes out of sticks and string. When we were outside in the Yard a lot of the Tadpoles took trips to the brush pile to gather sticks with Ms. Angelica and Ms. Sadeka.

On the way, they stopped by the Butterfly Garden for a visit. While they were there they found so many flowers and insects. But the most exciting thing they saw was a hummingbird! They watched it fly among the flowers until it flew away.

After we gathered enough sticks the Tadpoles helped carry them to the yard so that we could start making planes. Each of the Tadpoles picked at least two sticks to make their airplanes and we used yarn to tie the sticks together. One of the Tadpoles felt the ball of yarn and said that it felt like a giant caterpillar!

The Tadpoles used their planes to fly all over the yard and talked about the places they were going. Many of them took trips to the beach, mountains, or even the jungle. But they also decided that their creations were not just planes. A few of them were birds. One Tadpole said that hers was a Pteranodon!

Over the weekend more vegetables ripened in our garden. Some of the Tadpoles spent time exploring the garden with Ms. Sam. They found beans, cucumbers, and a few tomatoes. They ate a few of their discoveries, but saved most to eat them for snack later. We really enjoyed the slightly cooler weather and spent time riding the bikes and cars and cooking by the sandbox.

The Jumpers had a great time playing games and exploring Toad Mountain with the Frogs. They spent a long time playing chasing games. They took turns chasing each other around the mountain and through the tunnel. Later one of the Frogs was very excited and said that he had something he really wanted to show us. He took us to the giant puddle and showed us some frog eggs. The Jumpers were intrigued and ask the Frog class questions about the frog eggs and how they got there. The Frogs were happy to share their knowledge!

~ Tadpole Team ~

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