Tadpole Tuesdays: Pupusas and Goat Fun

Some Tadpoles were very excited to help Ms. Angelica make pupusas for us to try at snack time. They tried the dough and the cheese before they started rolling it out. They were all very helpful while they were rolling and flattening the dough. It seemed as though some of them had made tortillas before, but maybe they have just had a lot of practice with playdough. We look forward to trying them at snacktime.

We spent a lot of time outside taking turns to visit the goats with Ms. Sadeka. We got to say hello to Max while he was sitting and soaking up the sunshine. We gave Henry a pat on the back while we was eating and later while he was getting a drink. We fed leaves and clover flowers to Gizmo and watch Frida use her foot to scratch an itch. It is really fun to visit each of the goats and get to see their personalities. While were in the goat yard we tried to remember the names of some of the chickens. We also looked in on some of the chickens who were sitting on nests in the chicken coop.

In the Tadpole Yard there was a lot of different dramatic play today. A few of the Tadpoles were having a picnic with Ms. Abby in the one of the little houses. Some were sitting on top of the tunnel and said that they were riding on a train. They really wanted to ride the train to the zoo. A lot of the Tadpoles spent a long time in the sand kitchen. They started a restaurant or food stand. If one of their friends or teachers was sitting close by they would ask what they wanted to eat.

At Toad Mountain the Jumpers all enjoyed trying out the new obstacle course that the Frogs made. They used the balance bean while walking between two logs, hopped across the tires and ended by crawling along the slide. They all tried going through it with the Frogs multiple times. They also helped to change it to make it more interesting each time.


The Tadpole Team

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