Frog Fridays: Flurries and Fun

Happy Friday Frog Families!

A week that started with such t-shirts and shorts, ended with the return of poofy jackets and snow suits as we had many snow sightings out at the Mountain. The day included many games, old favorites like Hungry Hippo and Fire in the Forest and some new games like one Ms. Bani made using marbles as balls and cups as goals to slide them into!

One of the peeper frogs brought in a feather to show her group, and Mr. Mark let their lesson flow right from that. They looked at feathers from the chickens we have in our yard, and then they played a chicken game! The chorus frogs and Ms. Megan headed outside to play a game called, “Freeze, Freeze, Run!” When she said run they got to run all over goat alley until she called out “Freeze!” and they had to freeze on the spot. The cricket frogs meanwhile made beautiful cherry blossom trees, which is perfectly timed for the cherry blossoms that will soon be blooming. The green tree frogs role played as different community helpers as they called in the police, and firemen for different incidents.

This has been a long, but very exciting week at the Pond! As stated in an earlier email, we have two new frogs in the class! To see our class expand and to be so inclusive was very special. Almost every morning during breakfast we would talk about ways we could be helpful to the new frogs, and ways in which the frogs had already been helpful. They were very excited to report how they had taught the frogs new games, invited them to play, or showed them where certain things in the class are found. While the older frogs were excited to have an opportunity to be leaders in the classroom, the younger frogs have been very happy to welcome some of their old Tadpole friends into the class 🙂

All in all, it’s been a fun day and a very exciting week! Wishing you all a very happy (and relaxing) weekend 🙂

All the best,

Frog Teachers

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