Tadpole Tuesdays: Birds and Mud

Today at the art table, the children created art with the shredded papers and glue. They spread glue and put the shredded papers on it.

In the back room, the children played tumbling on the soft mat and danced with the music. Some of them pretended wooden blocks were microphones and sang. Some of them built with the building blocks.

In the Front room, the children built roads with the waffle blocks and drove their toy cars on it. Some of them were busy cooking. We also did baby doll circle time our little friends really enjoyed it.  Baby doll circle time provides one an one time, connections, relationships, loving and caring.

Outside the children watched  the birds. We saw many cardinals and chickadees. We also saw vulture flying and imitate the vulture. Some of them ride cars and tricycles on the sidewalk and some of them had great time walking on the balance beam. They also feed the goats  and made goat call.

The Jumpers went to the Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They dug in the dirt pile with shovels and some of them made pretend apple pie at the table while others played a hide and seek game.


The Tadpole Team


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