Frog Fridays: We Love Mud!

Hi Frog Families!

We have had a beautiful, muddy day at the Pond! This morning was spent using the giant waffle blocks to build several trucks and a motorcycle or two. Later several frogs transformed into monkeys and climbed all over one of the trees in the yard while other frogs chased each other all around as they pretended to be bears.

The Peeper frogs traveled along the Pipeline trail, with Science Sarah and Ms. Rebeca. Upon their return they reported sighting birds, a dog, and a whole bunch of mud. Many frogs were excited to announce that they had gotten stuck in the mud and needed to be rescued by one of the teachers.

The cricket frogs had a great time wrestling and dancing on the wrestling mats in the front room. As they took turns wrestling they each developed their own techniques and of course they all had some stellar dance moves to show off. Meanwhile the chorus frogs played a migration game with Ms. Bani, and they had a blast flying across the room as different animals.

The green tree frogs led a bear hunt around the classroom as they crossed rivers and meadows. Thus, the imagination and energy around the classroom was in full swing!

After lessons, Mr. Mark reports there was a bunch of fun restaurant play at Toad Mountain. Some excellent chefs quickly prepared a feast of carrot and ginger soup, and spaghetti and meatballs. As they ate their meal they discussed their pets and how they have to be sure to also feed them.

We are all looking forward to what the rest of the day holds!


The Frog Team

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