Frog Friday: Cooking and Exploring

This Morning we had some beautiful aromas wafting throughout the classroom thanks to Ms. Kim and the Green Tree Frogs cooking up a storm; they made rice pudding!  They used brown rice grits, milk, butter, cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and a pinch of salt.  It seemed to be quite a hit as the Green Tree Frogs sampled it (the rest of the children will have it at snack).  As the children made the rice pudding, they loved the texture of the rice.  In order to make the pudding they took turns measuring out the different ingredients.  After they finished making the rice pudding, they did a taste test and Frog Chefs decided they needed to add more cinnamon.

While Green Tree Frogs were cooking, Chorus and Cricket Frogs did space activities.  Cricket Frogs made rockets with Ms. Rebeca and talked about how rockets blasted off and where they last blast off to.  A couple of the children mentioned wanting to go to the Moon, but soon enough all of the children wanted to blast off far into our Solar System.

Chorus Frogs went into the backroom with Ms. Bani and enjoyed experimenting with flashlights.  At first Ms. Bani was trying to teach about how we are able to see the Moon because of the sunshine rays that are reflected back to us.  But soon enough Ms. Bani let the kids become their own planets, shining the flashlights onto different parts of the room.

Peeper Frogs made family posters with Mr. Mark.  Some of the children cut and glued photos of their families and other children drew their family members.

We were impressed with how the children drew their family members, some without any help.

Lastly, we just wanted to mention that some teachers did see some snowflakes on the way to school this week, so we thought it was only fitting to sing Frosty the Snowman at Morning Meeting.



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