Frog Fridays: So Much to Celebrate

Today at Morning Meeting Ms. Megan shared about a caterpillar that the children had found at Toad Mountain.  Ms. Kim and the children used field guides to try to determine which caterpillar it was but were unable to determine it.  Nevertheless, it was exciting and the children learned researching skills.

Afterwards Peeper Frogs went to Huntley Meadows with Ms. Bani and Science Sarah.  Their goal was to make it to the wetlands so that they could see the beaver lodge that the beavers had been working at.  It is the lodge that is near the first bench, and it is quite a project!  Once they got there, Science Sarah read them a book about beavers.

Cricket Frogs were so excited to know that the Thanksgiving Lunch is only one day away.  They were all doing decorations, making Thanksgiving wreaths with Ms. Rebeca.

Chorus Frogs visited the goats with Mr. Mark.  We noticed that Frida and Gizmo were both asleep so we let them bask in the sunshine and instead pet Henry and Max (well, Max was also busy gobbling a piece of pumpkin).  We also did our Feeling Buddies lesson inside about what to do when Anger “Gets a Hold” of us.

Green Tree Frogs played grocery store with Ms. Kim.  They pretended to drive to the store and park.  They also took turns shopping and weighing vegetables.  They really enjoyed bagging the groceries and pretended to swipe their grocery cards to pay!

Enjoy the weekend!

~ The Frog Team ~

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