Tadpole Tuesdays: Autumn Colors!

This week we will be learning about “Autumn leaves and colors”. Today the children chose their favorite animals for our “Wild Animal Costume Parade” and they painted their costumes.

At the art table, the children used crayons to draw their favorite animals. They used different color crayons to draw. We talked about the colors so the children could learn and discover more!

In the back room, the children built train tracks as  a team and they built tunnels as well. They built the tunnels, giving a support, and then they drove their trains under the tunnel. Some of them danced with music that was playing.

In the front room, the children built trains and towers from Legos. They built tall towers as a team; some of them were holding the tower to keep it safe and some of them were building. We read books that talked about autumn leaves and sang an autumn-themed song.

Outside the children painted their animal costume for our “Wild Animal Costume Parade”. Some of them shared  about their costume with other friends and made animal sounds. We looked at different trees for signs of autumn. The children started to point out the different color leaves. Some of them tried to catch the leaves in the air.

The jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They played an animal running game and some of them baked in a pan with mulch and water. They enjoyed looking for ingredients for their bakery!

It was Great Exploring Day at the Pond!!!


The Tadpole Team

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