Frog Friday: Mystery of Rotten Tomatoes & Puppetry

Right before Morning Meeting several Frogs and I picked a ripe cantaloupe from the garden.  It smelled absolutely delicious and was turning yellow.

We also picked several large, rotten tomatoes that had holes in them.

Immediately investigation started about what had happened to these poor, little tomatoes.  Quite quickly Frog Naturalists determined that an animal must have eaten it, but which animal?  Kids had several ideas:  a mouse, raccoon, owl, and even a mole.  We discussed our ideas at Morning Meeting, and only felt it would be natural to talk to Squeak, our mouse puppet, and Wilford, our owl puppet.

Once inside, Bumble Bee harshly accused Squeak of eating the tomato.  Squeak became nervous and tried to hide.  Rover stepped in and helped mediate the conflict between Bumble Bee and Squeak.  It turns out that Squeak needed some food and didn’t know where else to look, so he ate part of the tomatoes, but thought to leave some for us.  Once one of the children shared another tomato with Bumble Bee, and all was settled.  Although it is just a “tad” bit unlikely that a mouse ate part of that tomato, why not entertain the kids and go with their ideas?

Peeper Frogs went with Ms. Megan and Science Sarah to Huntley Meadows.  They saw some giant spiders—’tis the season.  Last night while taking out the trash I almost walked into a spider web with a large spider as well!  The spider web looked glorious in the light.  I also heard the Peeper Frogs bumped into one of our very own Frog Parents with their doggies!

Cricket Frogs made a most delicious yogurt fruit salad with Ms. Rebeca.  I can attest that the salad was absolutely delicious.  The children spent close to an hour cutting up apples, mango, and grapes.  Then, they mixed it with some yogurt to make a refreshing salad.

Green Tree Frogs read Shubert is a Star by Dr. Becky Bailey with Ms. Bani.

Chorus Frogs helped Bumble Bee and Squeak resolve the conflict over the eaten tomatoes.  Then, they met Happy and Sad, two of the buddies from our Feeling Buddies Curriculum.


The Frog Team

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