Tadpole Tuesday: Exploring Pumpkin Blossoms

Dear Tadpole Families,

Today early in the morning the children explored around our play ground.

They noticed morning dew on the grass and had great time sweeping with their hands and they were saying, ” I made the rain drop” then let the rain drop fall from their hands back on the grass. We talked about the water cycle.

At the art table, the children looked at the different feeling faces with Ms. Sadeka and created feeling masks with popsicle sticks and glue.

In the back room, the children built mazes from big waffle blocks with Ms. Yashoda.

They worked as a team today. When they lost their interests building then we played musical instruments and danced with music. We also did freeze dance it was so amazing to watch how our little friends has their body control!

In the front room, the children had a picnic with Ms. Jessica. They cooked and shared with their friends and the teachers. Some of them were feeding baby dolls and some of them were busy driving little cars and trucks around the room. We read books, sang “We are a Star” and  practiced taking deep breaths at our small group time.

Outside the children explored pumpkin blossoms by sitting next to it and watching bees as they moved from blossom to blossom. This is called a sit spot for the Tadpoles. We said thank you to the bees for pollinating our pumpkin blossoms… so we can have pumpkins! They drew different feeling faces on the side walk with Ms. Angelica. They also enjoyed riding cars and tricycles on the sidewalk.

Some of the children visited our mini farm with Ms. Linda and fed grass to the goats and some of them were busy playing at the water table with Ms. Teresa.

The Jumpers, visited our meadow and walked around the berry patch pretending to go into mazes with the Frogs. Our Jumpers are proud to be able to visit the Toad Mountain and play with the Frogs. They dug with shovels in the digging pit at the Toad Mountain and played Hungry Hippos with the Frogs.

It was Great Day of Exploring at the Pond!!!


The Tadpole Team

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