Tadpole Tuesday: Monday’s Sunny Post!

Everyone was so happy to see the sun shining this morning!

This morning at the art table Ms. Subhoi had out the play-doh for the children. They were busy using mixing bowls, rolling pins, spatulas and wooden spoons to bake many goodies.

Ms. Awatif opened up the media table where the wetland was converted over into an ocean animal habitat complete with sand! The children enjoyed playing with the sea turtles, dolphins and sharks.

In the back room Ms. Jessica was with the children pretending to be a train. The children all held hands and created a train that traveled through the back room collecting more children as they went along.

In the front room the Ms.Linda had the bristle blocks out for the children. They were creating crowns and bracelets to wear for one another and enjoyed sharing their creations with everyone this morning.

Outside the children were so delighted to discover a new toy in the yard!

To some it was a house and to others it was a castle. We had so many patient friends who waited their turn to venture inside the home and check out the mailbox and flowers in the windowsill. They were all so excited to have their turn to open the door and ring the door bell as well.

Other children enjoyed feeding the goats some fruit salad this morning.

They loved watching the goats lick and bite the pieces of honeydew and apples through the fence. Even some chickens came to join in a few pecks to the honeydew as well.

Over Toad Mountain Ms. Subhoi and the children had a fun time rolling logs down the hillside. Other children were digging in the dirt with shovels to search for any bugs that might join them. The monkey bar dome was another area that the children were climbing while others were swinging with friends.


The Tadpole Team

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