Tadpole Tuesday: Welcoming a Silk Moth!

This morning at the art table children were using Play-Doh to create cookies of many different shapes. Other children also helped to make a tea cup set and joined in sharing their creations with one another.

In the back room children used the soft balls to play catch with one another. Many practiced making eye contact with their friend before tossing it in their direction to keep the game going smoothly.

In the front room Tadpole children had out various puzzles to share with one another. Many children also took a peek at the seedlings that they planted in pots two weeks ago and were delighted to see the continued growth.

Outside Our Tadpole teachers had a wonderful surprise to share with everyone. Last fall a cocoon was found and placed in a terrarium for children to observe and this weekend out came a giant silk moth! The Polyphemus Moth is a common local moth and all the children came to see the beautiful changes it had undergone in our absence. Many noticed and saw that it was brown and furry with some hints of pink on the wings.

In the sandbox children were having a tea party with Ms. Linda that then turned into a baking party. Many cakes and even some pancakes were made with the sand and sand box tools.

Over on Toad Mountain the swings and the slides were the favorite choice today. Others found many different flowers in the yard and also splashed with water out in the yard.

We look forward sharing some fun science and art projects planned for this week!


The Tadpole Teaching Team

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