Tadpole Tuesdays: Thanksgiving Week Recap

(Week after Thanksgiving)

This week we will be learning about the sun and moon, day and night.

Today, at the art table the children colored the Thanksgiving coloring page with crayons. We talked about spending time with our families and their Thanksgivings. One little friend said she had a party with grandma and grandpa, then she started naming her cousins. Most of the children seemed eager to share about their Thanksgivings with their friends and the teachers. It was great to see the children so excited.

At the media table, the children played with dried leaves, pine cones, and feathers. The children touched and felt the feathers. Some of them were trying to tickle their friends with the feathers. Then we talked about the birds and how the feathers keep them warm in the winter.

In the back room, the children built with the wooden blocks with Ms. Marisa. They constructed a tall tower as a team. Then they knocked it down then built it back up again. Some of them also enjoyed playing on the sit ‘N’ spin toys going around and around.

In the front room, the children put on the dress up clothes and looked into the mirror proudly. Some of them took care baby dolls. They fed them, put the baby dolls to sleep, and read stories to the baby dolls.  Some of them were busy cooking at the kitchen corner and sharing with their friends and teachers. We read books, sang songs, and had circle time.

Outside the children enjoyed jumping in the puddles. They played hide and seek at the play houses. Some of them were busy baking by the sand box.

They also enjoyed riding cars on the side walk. Some of them were trying to look for the worms under the logs. We talked about how little bugs and insects don’t like the cold weather.

The Jumpers went to the play ground to play with the Frogs. They enjoyed jumping in the puddles and digging in the dirt pile with the shovels. Some of them were looking through the magnifying glass.

It was a fun rainy day at the Pond!!!


The Tadpole Team

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