Frog Fridays:

Today Frogs turned into vultures and soared over much of Toad Mountain looking for food.  First, we pretended to find some deer in the corner of Toad Mountain, by gate to Huntley Meadows.  Then, we imagined there was food in the tunnel.  We put our arms out as wide as they could go and soared back to the tunnel.  When we ate, we made sure to share food with one another.

Leopard Frogs played Nocturnal Animals with Ms. Megan in the backroom.  I am not certain which animals the children chose to be, but I can imagine there were quite a few cheetahs and wolves, and a unicorn mixed in here and there.

Some of the Bullfrogs made Rover, Perseus, Squeak, Rover, Elizabeth the 1st, and Speedy come to life.  It is impressive and so funny to see the children act out the voices of the puppets.  They really do believe the puppets are real (so do I).

The Pickerel Frogs put some finishing touches on their costumes.  Some of the children put ears or horns on their headbands so they could wear them with their costume.  Others glued their tails on their costume and finished coloring them in!

Other than soaring around Toad Mountain as vultures, the children enjoyed rolling tires and digging for Dinosaur bones.  Several children also played pretend games.

It was another wild day at the Pond!

Mr. Mark

Frog Lead Teacher

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