Tadpole Tuesdays: Milestones, Seeds, and Leaves

This week we will be learning how “Plants make seeds and Trees lose leaves.” We are looking at a tree everyday and watching to see the leaves changing colors. We will also compare different types of seeds. Today, at the art table the children helped their friends to color tadpole tails.

Today, two of our friends lost their tails and became Frog. We did our good-bye ritual.  When I walked out from the frog class I felt sad. Saying goodbye is not easy. Even though it is sad, we still would like to congratulate the children and the families for reaching this milestone!

At the media table, the children played with the leaves and the twigs. They poked holes in the leaves with the twigs. They also counted the twigs. In the back room, the children built with the Legos. They built a city as a group. When they were done building they admired their city proudly.

In the front room, the children did animal puzzles and tried to imitate each animal sound. Some of them put on dress-ups and looked at the mirror. Some of them had fun cooking at our kitchen center and sharing the food with their friends and teachers. We also read books and sang songs.

Outside, the children tried to create leaf prints by dipping the fresh leaves into the different colors of paint and pressing them onto the construction paper to make the leaves print. Some of them decided leaf prints were not fun enough and dipped their hands into the paint.

One child’s mom brought cabbage for the goats and the children fed it to the goats. Thank you for the vegetables! The children had fun giving it and of course the goats enjoyed eating it.

The Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They had fun screaming in the tunnel and played a running game. Some of them collected twigs and pretended to build a campfire. They played in a group and had a long conversation about the camping and the campfire. Some of them helped to dig the Frogs‘ garden.

It was another Great Nature Exploring day at the pond!



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