Tadpole Tuesdays: Simple, Natural Repetition and Connection

Today, at the art table the children colored school buses with their favorite colors of crayons.  While they were coloring, we talked about the colors and shapes. The children were working on their fine motor skills.

At the media table, the children played with the shredded paper and the animals. Some of them put the shredded paper on their heads and held up their hands to cover their faces with the shredded paper. Then they said, “Find me I am hiding.” The children played in small groups.

In the back room, the children played see-saws and the sit ‘n’ spins. Some of them played with the doll houses. They put the little people into the doll houses and read stories to them. Some built towers from the wooden building blocks. Then they measured their height to see if the towers were taller!

In the front room, the children played with the farm animals and zoo animals. They put the farm animals in the barn. They also imitated the animal sounds and walked around the class room. Some of them played with the baby dolls and took good care of them. We played game called, “Hot Dog.” It is a sensory game for the children and also helps to create bonds. We also read books, sang songs, and had circle time.

Outside, the children continued playing games next to the tunnels. They climbed over, under and around the tunnel. Then the teachers helped them to create a cozy place like a tent under the tree. They loved it! They took turns to play in it. Some of them were busy baking dinner and letting everyone try their creations. Some enjoyed playing at the water table, splashed in the water and laughing. Some enjoyed picking beans from around the garden fence and eating them.

The Jumpers visited our mini farm! They patted the goats and watched the chickens walking around in a group. They also enjoyed playing with the Frogs at Toad Mountain. They played a running game up and down the mountain. They found a toad and examined it as a group. They also found some beetles. They were very gentle and caring to the animals and the insects.

It was another great Nature Exploring Day at the Pond!!!



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