Sensory Walk Week! Reflections from the Frogs

The day started out so well, as we found an actual living cicada today, only one wing but it crawled and didn’t complain when the Frogs picked it up and carried it around before returning it to the tree.

For the Morning Meeting we talked about the Sensory Walk, then promptly left the classroom to remove shoes and walk thru food! Some of the descriptions of the walk were “gooey, not gooey, slippery, soft, and cold.” The children walked thru spaghetti, cooked and raw oatmeal, leaves, dough,cooked chia seeds and rice. Some liked the soapy water rinse that was the last stop.

The Green Tree Frogs experimented with Soapy Bubble Painting afterwards with Ms. Mary and Ms. MC. They dipped bubble wrap in soapy water, then paint, to make a textured mural. Many liked the foamy feeling while they worked.

The Northern Green Frogs did the Blind Touch Challenge today with Ms.┬áMegan and me. They all had bags and blindfolds so that they could find classroom items using only the sense of touch. We demonstrated using a small paintbrush and they were very excited to be able to “see” it with their fingertips when they got their own bags.

On Toad Mountain, the Frogs had fun playing the Alligator Game with Ms. Megan on the Monkey Bars. Some played a game of Hide and Seek by hiding textured objects for each other to find, like rocks or chicken feathers.

The tunnel has been popular as it is cool and shaded and holds a suprising number of people. It was a castle this afternoon. The swings were a rocket ship.

Inspired by using our feet today, we made Foot Dinosaurs after lunch, including some new ones like Ms. Kimosauruses. Most of these are hanging on the wall for display.

Lastly, the Dragonflies practiced resolving conflicts with Rover and Squeak. Everyone took turns using the puppets while their classmates gave suggestions to find helpful resolutions. Your children really do know how to use their words and be a school family, I was very proud of their efforts.


Kim, Associate Frog Teacher


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