Tadpole Tuesdays: Sensory Exploration

This week we are continuing to learn about the five senses. This week we are focusing on smell. At the art table today, the children added cinnamon to their play dough. While they were playing they use their noses to smell. Some of them made a balls from the play dough and some rolled theirs on the table. They were saying, “I made a snake.”

At the media table, the children played with the multi-colored cards. Some of them counted how many cards they had. Others were talking about the colors and the shapes of the cards. They played in a small group. We practiced sharing and using the power of words to resolve conflicts.

In the back room, the children played with the soft balls, the school buses, and trucks. They put the soft ball into the trucks and drove them around the room. Some of them put the soft balls on the school bus and pretended to take them to school.  They threw the soft balls up to the ceiling and tried to catch them.

In the front room, the children played with the bubble star blocks. They made flower for their mommy and daddy. Some of them enjoyed dressing up in different costumes and some were busy cooking in the kitchen. They set up the table and fed a delicious meal to the baby dolls. We read books, sang songs, and had baby doll circle time.

Outside, the children practice smelling different things from nature. They smelled different types of herbs and the flowers. While we were learning about the senses we talked about all of our five senses and their different jobs. They are ready to learn with curiosity. After that they pulled grass and gave it to me to smell.  We have been learning about the differences between the weeds and the mint. Most of them already know but some of our little friends are still learning. They helped to roll the cart for the food man. They enjoyed swinging on the swings and playing by the sand box, cooking and baking.

The Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with Frogs. They played the Hungry Hippo game, running all around Toad Mountain. They also enjoyed playing in the turtle sand box. They scope the sand and put it on a tray to bake apple pie. They found many frogs and beetles while playing and looked at them together.

It was another nature exploring day at the Pond!!!





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