Tadpole Tuesdays: Fire Drill and Nature Exploration

Today at the art table the children made caterpillars with popsicle sticks and pompoms. They glued pompoms on the popsicles sticks, while they were making these crafts we sang a song called “The Creepy Crawlies.” The children love this song!

At the media table the children played with the different types of insects. They hid them under the shredded paper and asked their friends to find the insects. In the front room the children played with the alphabet building blocks. They built the tower with the blocks and tried to count them. One of the children said, “I can’t count, it’s a million blocks we have!”

In the back room the children played with the bead mazes. They counted the beads and practiced naming the colors. The children worked hard to go through the mazes. We also read book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Outside the children played at the water table. They scooped and poured the water from one container to another container. They enjoyed jumping in the puddles left from the water table. Some of the children visited our mini farm of goats and chickens. They offered flowers to the goats. One of the child said, “My mom saves flowers, but goat ate them, my mom doesn’t eat flowers!” Some of the children enjoyed playing at the sand box and swinging on the swing.

The jumpers had great time at the toad mountain. They found frog and a group of kids observed the frog. Some of the children offered a home for the frog and some of them made him food. They were being gentle to the frog and they were reminding each other to be gentle. We had a fire drill today. While all the children were outside some of the children asked what a fire drill is. Then I talked with my friends about the fire drill.

It was another fun day of exploration at the Pond!!!



Tadpole Team Lead Teacher

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