Frog Fridays: Puppet Arguments

Today at Morning Meeting I told all of the kids to make sure they welcomed a new Frog into our class.  Many of the children had already shown him important elements of the classroom beforehand.  A child also showed the other kids a Python egg that he had brought in from home (no python living inside).  It was white, about the size of a chicken’s egg.  Frogs touched the egg with a finger.  I tried to describe how big a python is—I said it’s so long it almost stretches across the width of the classroom.

Green Tree Frogs saw Ty and Keisha have an argument over both wanting to use a basketball.  So Ms. Saba put the basketball away so that they could Stop and Think about what to do.  The children helped Ty and Keisha with ideas of how to share the ball.  Then, they took turns with the ball.Northern Green Frogs helped Perseus and Rover who also got into an argument.  Rover had just woken up from a nap, and what did Perseus do but roar right in Rover’s face.  Rover was quite upset by this and yelled back “I don’t like it!”  Elizabeth the 1st jumped in and told Perseus that he had to ask “Can I scare you”?  Perseus explained that he had forgotten and Rover understood.  So Perseus asked other people if he could roar such as Elizabeth the 1st and many of the kids said yes!

Frogs thoroughly enjoyed banging the pots and pans which are part of our Outdoor Music Center (we use this center on the Story Mountain Stage).  I saw quite a few different things—kids marching in circles together, kids banging the pots like drums, and kids taking turns with the different pots and pans.  Other children found the first toad of the season at Toad Mountain.  They touched it gently, gave it a home, and put it back where it came from before leaving Toad Mountain.

One center today was water and plastic toys.  I saw kids pouring water from small containers into big containers and back into small ones.
Almost everyone ended up with wet clothing (including teachers).

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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