Tadpole Tuesdays: Planting and Nature Explore!!!

While we are learning about the farm animals and babies today at the art table the children made duck masks. The children colored the duck with crayons and made masks with popsicles sticks. While they were making masks they quacked like a ducks. At the media table the children played with foam pieces. They felt and made it in to the tiny pieces with their little fingers!!!!

In the front room the children played with barn houses and farm animals.
They put the barn animals in the barn houses and take care of them. They bake at the kitchen and feed the animals. One of the children baked the apple pie for the horse and some bake cake for the animals.

In the back room the children played with construction vehicles and big trucks. They zoomed the trucks one end to the other end of the room. Some of the children played with schools buses they put little toy people on it and drive around. We also read books and sang songs.

Outside the children planted the carrots and garlic plants with teacher help. They dug with shovels and prepared to plant. While they were digging they found the worm families. They were saying “daddy worm and mommy worm brother and sister worm”. The children visit our mini farm today. One of the children said “he wants to give the flower to his favorite goat”. They also played at the water table and had fun swinging on the swings.

The jumpers had blast at the toad mountain. They played with musical instruments and danced on the stage we had a dance party!! They jumped in the puddles and found frogs in the puddles. They caught the frog and put it on the log and watched the frog hop!!!
It was another Great Exploring Day at the Pond!!!


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