Frog Fridays: Putting the Transplants in the Ground

Today at Morning Meeting I reviewed how to be safe and helpful while at
Huntley Meadows. Kids remembered lots of things like it is safe and
helpful to hold your partner’s hand while crossing the street and to
remain quiet while there so the animals aren’t scared.

One group of children went to Huntley Meadows with Ms. Mary and Science
Sarah. Frogs loved the scavenger hunt—they saw wildflowers, budding oak
trees, red budding maple trees, and pools of water.

The other group of children read Carry Me: Animal Babies on the Move by
Susan Stockdale, a book about how different animals carry their young.
Afterwards, children took turns telling their own baby stories with Ms.
Bani and me. In many of the stories a baby was lost and another animal
helped it to find its mommy, strikingly similar to Are you My Mother?

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed running around Toad Mountain and taking turns on
the swings. Quite a few of the children enjoyed digging near the ridge of
mud by the Outdoor Classroom. Children also took turns planting our very
own transplants in the garden beds! We successfully planted all of our
arugula transplants. It was such a joy to be planting with the Frogs and
Jumpers, teaching them how to care for such gentle plants. Many of the
kids called the arugula “baby plants”. Either later today or in the days
to follow, we’ll plant more transplants. After that, we’ll plant
additional seeds directly into the ground.

One of the centers today was aquatic animals—Frogs, Turtles, and fish.
We also used the baby woodland animals for the baby stories.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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