Frog Fridays: Cat and Mice

Today at Morning Meeting Rover and Elizabeth the 1st learned how to use
words when upset.  Rover had his construction hat on and was trying to use
the power drill to fasten a screw in when Elizabeth the 1st took a screw
from Rover.  Rover said “You’re not my buddy” and Elizabeth the 1st said
“I don’t like it when you say that.  What’s wrong?”  Rover explained that
he felt angry that Elizabeth had taken the screw.  Elizabeth said she
forgot to ask for the toy and then asked for the toy.  Rover was happy to
let her borrow both a screw and a power drill!

Afterwards one group of children went to Huntley Meadows.  They enjoyed
running from marker to marker on the path; they also enjoyed looking at
Science Sarah’s map and plotting a few trail markers on the map.  Once
Frogs made it to the Wetlands and saw lots of duck and geese.  The ducks
were all paired up as it is mating season.  Children also heard two types
of Frogs croaking in the wetlands.

The other group of children made cloud-dough with Ms. Mary and me.  Ms.
Mary read a book about clouds while I had the kids help me to make the
play-doh.  We put 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, and ½ cup of oil.  Soon
enough we had gooey play-doh, which we morphed into clouds, tornadoes, and
even The Northern Lights!  We made a cloud mural by putting the play-doh
on butcher paper.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing Cat and Mice today at Toad Mountain
(this is an adapted version of  Run, Rabbit Run).  Kids took turns being
the cats that chased at the mice, which were super quick.  The kids
pretending to be the cats huddled close to the ground and sprung at the
moment the mice were close.  Other children enjoyed looking for worms in
the mud.  Several children also enjoyed taking turns on the swings.

Some centers today were power tools and waffle blocks and air bottles and
feathers and Styrofoam.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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