Tadpole Tuesdays: Creepy Crawlies Day and Dentist

This week we are learning about our community helpers, doctor and dentist.
While we were learning about dentist today in the media table, we taped the
ice cube trays inside the sensory table and provided children with tooth
brushes. They practiced brushing teeth and we talked about the importance of
brushing our teeth. They had fun and worked on their fine motor skills.

In the front room, children had fun acting with animal masks. Some were
enjoying shapes puzzles at the table. Some were busy cooking and taking care
baby dolls. We sang a Creepy Crawlies song with children to build a
connection and to have one-on-one time. In the back room, children played
with soft balls; they had fun throwing and catching. Some children were busy
playing doll house. Others were zooming trucks from one end to the other end
of the room.

Outside today, Tadpoles had a great time looking for creepy crawlies. They
found small white  spiders and a stink bug. They were amazed to see a spider
was going up on the web.  We held the stink bug and counted the legs. They
had fun jumping in the mud puddles and driving trucks on the puddles. Some
were busy at the water table loading water on the truck and pouring from one
to the other dish.

Jumpers had fun at Toad Mountain, running up and down the hill. They had fun
jumping on the mud puddles and hanging on the monkey bars. They were helping
each other to get out of the mud pit!!!

It was a another great day at the Pond!!!

Ms. Yashoda

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