Tadpole Tuesdays: Experimenting with Wind Power and Observing Footprints!

Today at the art table, Tadpoles did wind power experiments. Children put
drops of paint on the construction paper and they did an experiment by
blowing the paint with straws. Some of them were able to blow easily, and
some were observing and trying. They did it, and it was a fascinating!!!

In the front room, Tadpoles built with Legos. Some children were building
towers and some were building trains and driving them around the room. They
were busy in the kitchen area, cooking food and feeding baby and sharing
some food with teachers. We read a book Welcome Spring By Nancy Davis. In
the back room, Tadpoles had fun playing and riding on stick horses. They
took turns riding on stick horses. Children played with the doll house, with
little people on it. Some were zooming trucks.

Outside, Tadpoles were being very observant. We saw footprints in the snow
and they were fascinated. We looked at different types of foot print on the
snow. They seemed very interested and observant. Children poked holes on the
snow with sticks and tried to make tunnels. While Jumpers at the toad
mountain, Swimmers made a little snow man. They played at the water table
outside pouring and scoping water. Some made mud soup and stump on the mud
puddles. Children had fun swinging. They were swinging on their tummy.

Jumpers got busy at Toad Mountain with goats. They seemed curious. What is
the goat eating? They had fun running down the hill with goats at Toad
Mountain. They climb on the monkey bars with Frogs, and had fun stomping in
the mud puddles.

It was an Experiment Day at the Pond!!!


Ms. Yashoda

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