Frog Fridays: Update on Yertle and Fiona

Today at Morning Meeting Rover and Perseus updated the Frogs about our
very own Fiona and Yertle.  It turns out that they are not going to be
returning to our classroom because they need real sunlight to stay
healthy.  The artificial light that we have been using does not suffice.
So the turtles will be staying with Ms. Gail until they are back to full
health.  Hopefully they will return to the Tadpole Classroom in several
months where there is more natural sunlight.
Note: You can go to our Facebook page to see a video of how Fiona and
Yertle are doing – and feel free to share it with your kids!

It is quite a coincidence that today a child also brought a turtle shell
that she had found in her own backyard.  Frogs were super excited to see
and touch this shell.  The kids said that the shell was hard.  We also
talked about whether the shell looked similar in size and pattern to Yrtle
and Fiona’s shells.

Northern Green Frogs practiced how to accept sadness instead of pushing it
away as a part of the Feeling Buddies Curriculum.  First, Ms. MC and I
modeled the activity—one person acts as sad, shoulders slouched, lips
curved, eyes watery and the other person acts as the STAR helper.  I
played a song that recounted a few situations in which one becomes sad.
The STAR helper’s job was to help Sad breathe.  The kids got to pick
whether they wanted to be the STAR helper or Sad.  Then, they got a chance
to act it out.

Green Tree Frogs learned about how to be helpful by listening as a part of
the Al’s Pals Curriculum.  Ms. Saba told Ty (an Al Pal puppet) to clean up
but he was super excited to tell Ms. Saba about how much fun he had during
the weekend.  He kept talking and talking and talking and did not hear
anything at all about cleaning up.  Eventually Ty used his listening ears
and heard Ms. Saba.

Frogs got to choose today whether they wanted to do yoga.  Over half of
the group went to do yoga and the other children enjoyed making chocolate
chip cookies and strawberry smoothies in the Tadpole Yard.  Some children
also noticed that all of the ice went away.  At first we thought Mr.
Nobody took the ice away, but then realized the ice had melted because it
got warmer.

Some centers today were trains and tracks and animal dress up.
Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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