Tadpole Tuesdays: A Mysterious Blob and Truck Tracks!

This morning the Tadpoles played with play dough at the art table. They
enjoyed making different shapes and patting it with their hands on the
table. Some of the shapes were different zoo animals, and others were
squares, hearts and stars.

In the back room, the Tadpoles enjoyed jumping on and off the big mats,
running in circles, and climbing up and down on the mats. The Tadpoles also
played with bead mazes. In the small media table there were 3-D textured
shapes. At the large media table, the Tadpoles played with yarn and animals.
They hid animals under yarn and had fun finding them.

In the front room, the Tadpoles played with pegs and peg boards. They did a
lot of pretend play with the pegs and boards. They pretended to bake cakes,
cupcakes, and more. The Tadpoles also enjoyed filling the boards with pegs
and making towers. In the kitchen area, the Tadpoles pretended to cook and
bake. In the dress up area, the Tadpoles put on dresses and played with baby

Outside, the Tadpoles took turns on the swings, climbed in the climbing
area, and dug in the sand. They challenged themselves by jumping from stone
to stone in the herb garden. At first it was difficult. After some practice,
some were hopping from stone to stone without touching the ground between
stones! They enjoyed watching the goats as well. While doing so, they
discovered something on the fence. One Jumper thought it was a bug. Ms.
Yashoda told them it was bird poop. Then another Jumper saw something inside
the blob and said that was a beetle. Ms. Yashoda said it was a seed. She
talked with them about how the bird had eaten something with seeds in it,
and then the seed came out in its poop. Tadpoles were fascinated by this.

At 11, the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. They went
on the slides, took turns on the swings, and climbed up and down Toad
Mountain. They also played a monster game with Ms. Heather. They got inside
a new mini-storage shed. Ms. Heather would close the lid. Then she would
suddenly open it and roar! They would come running out the doors, laughing
in excitement and then come back to do it again! While Jumpers were at Toad
Mountain, Swimmers enjoyed playing with trucks in the sand. They loved
watching where the wheel tracks were made as they zoomed all around the

It was a great day at Frog Pond!


Diana and Subohi

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