Frog Fridays: Valentine Day Cards

Today at Morning Meeting all 5 puppets did a puppet show for the Frogs
about including friends when playing.  Speedy, Elizabeth the 1st, Rover,
and Perseus decided they wanted to play Hungry Hippo together.  Speedy was
the Hungry Hippo and other Frogs were the fruits.  Just as they were about
to start playing, Squeak asked if he could play.  Speedy said that Squeak
could not play.  Elizabeth the 1st thought aloud for the Frogs… “Squeak is
my friend and if all of us play Hungry Hippo, Squeak won’t have anyone to
play with.  I don’t want Squeak to be sad.”  So Elizabeth the 1st started
to play with Squeak.  Then, Speedy, Perseus, and Rover decided to play
Hungry Hippo with Elizabeth the 1st and Squeak.

Green Tree Frogs made Valentine Day cards for their families.  They chose
what color paper they wanted.  Then, they decorated it by gluing tissue
paper onto the card and putting Valentine Day stickers on the cards.  They
also wrote words like I Love You, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandma.  I
explained to Frogs that we will be mailing these cards to their families
so they can get the card for Valentine’s Day!

The Northern Green Frogs did a Fire Safety Tour with Ms. Mary and Ms.
Saba.  The teachers led them on a tour and pointed out important items
such as the main exit, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and emergency lights.
Frog Firefighters walked around with a checklist on a clipboard so they
could make notes about these features.  Frog Firefighters also got to
color a Fire Safety Coloring Book.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing the Meadow; I saw many of them walking
through the bushes with Ms. Kim.  Ms. Kim and the children also refilled
the bird feeder so we can continue to attract such beautiful birds.  Other
children noticed huge puddles of mud both at the digging pit and near the
tunnel.  We decided to put the canoe over the puddle by the tunnel and
children pretended to paddle far away.

Some centers today were Big Legos and Baby Dolls.  Ms. Kim just told me
that many of the Frogs were gently feeding and caring for the baby dolls.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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