Tadpole Tuesdays: Ice and Community Helpers

This morning with Ms. Linda and Ms. Subohi, the Tadpoles put stickers on
envelopes. They talked about mail and mail carriers. They will use the
envelopes for an activity later this week, as they learn more about the

In the back room this morning, Tadpoles played with dollhouses and little
people and cars. They zoomed the cars with the people in them to and from
the houses. They also enjoyed playing with playdough in the small media
table! In the front room today, Tadpoles enjoyed playing with babies. They
took care of them, and even had a feast with them! They also played with
waffle blocks, building cubes, and calling them houses. Some even parked
small cars inside the “house.” Others read books about community helpers
with some teachers. At the art table, in addition to stickers, they enjoyed
coloring firefighter pictures.

Outdoors with Ms. Yashoda, the Tadpoles discovered a frozen puddle! They
practiced ice skating on it with their shoes, before they destroyed it by
stomping and breaking it! They loved exploring the ice and seeing how things
get stuck in it. They tried really hard, but couldn’t get a stick out of the
ice. Some Tadpoles played on the see saws. Others played tag with teachers.
They also enjoyed watching the goats and the chickens.

At Toad Mountain today, the Jumpers loved digging with shovels in the
partly-frozen digging pit. They also played with the big yellow wagon with
the Frogs, taking turns pulling and pushing and riding! Some Jumpers
explored the roots of the old cherry blossom tree at Toad Mountain. Back in
the Tadpole yard, Swimmers played trash collector with Ms. Teresa. They
pushed a shopping cart around the yard, gathered trash, and threw it in the
garbage can! They also spent time watching the goats and chickens.

It was another great day at the Pond!



Manager of Curriculum

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