Frog Fridays: Ceremony for the Rooster

Today at Morning Meeting there was a puppet show with Rover, Elizabeth the
1st, and Perseus.  Rover was playing with a plastic Cheetah and Elizabeth
the 1st said she wanted the cheetah now.  Rover said Elizabeth could have
it in 5 minutes.  Elizabeth became upset and told Perseus to hit Rover.
Perseus said “I don’t like it when you tell me to hit someone.  That’s
hurtful.”  Perseus helped Elizabeth come to a helpful solution by finding
other plastic animals they could play with.  Elizabeth also apologized for
asking Perseus to hit Rover.  In a short time, Rover finished with the
cheetah and gave it to Elizabeth the 1st.

Also, at the end of the puppet show Frogs spotted a chipmunk puppet
zipping around the room. It zipped right into the cabinet.  When you pick
up your child, make sure to ask your child about this chipmunk—it is our
new puppet!

Green Tree Frogs enjoyed painting their paper frogs a deep muddy brown so
that the Frogs could sleep in the mud.  First, we talked about how Frogs
hibernate in the winter.  Then, Frogs got to choose where they wanted to
paste a Frog cut out of green construction paper.  Finally, Frogs covered
the Frogs with brown paint so that they could sleep in the mud.

Northern Green Frogs enjoyed doing a Fire Rescue Role Play with Ms.
Theresa and Ms. Kim.  Frogs took turns being the firefighters—they were
stationed under the loft and immediately responded to the fire emergency
when people called 911.  They used a firehose to put the fire out and
rescued all of the people.  I know that Frogs will be super excited when
Firefighters visit us tomorrow at 10am (children who don’t usually come
Fridays are welcome to come for the visit as long as they are accompanied
by a caregiver the whole time).

Frogs and Jumpers had a ceremony for the Rooster at Toad Mountain.  Ms.
Diana showed us all pictures of the rooster so that they could remember
him.  Then, she shared a large picture of a rooster with feathers that
Tadpoles had made.  She also showed the pictures of the rooster that Frogs
had used watercolor painting to decorate.  We concluded the ceremony by
singing “We Wish you Well”.

Some centers today were water and mancala beads, wooden blocks, and

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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