Tadpole Tuesdays: Discovering ice and pretending to be deer

Today the Tadpoles read a book with Ms. Subohi called Stranger in the Woods.
It was about a snowman, which had food on it that animals like to eat. All
the animals of the woodlands came to eat the carrot, nuts, and seeds that
were on the snowman. Animals like birds, squirrels, mice, and deer came.
Then the children pretended to be deer in the woods looking for things to

In the middle room, the Tadpoles enjoyed coloring with markers and
construction paper. They also used chalk on the chalkboard. They played with
water and containers in the big media table. In the back room the Tadpoles
played with big Legos. They also played with soft, squishy balls, and 3-D
shapes! In the front room Tadpoles and teachers did songs from I Love You
Rituals. They also played dress-up and had a pretend picnic with pretend

Outdoors today the Tadpoles loved playing in the sand! They scooped and
poured with various containers and shovels. They also swung on swings and
played in the houses, as rode in cars. At one point there were a few large
snow or ice clumps that fell to the ground for 2-3 minutes. We looked at
them, wondered what they were, and noticed how they melted quickly when
picked up in my hand. Ms. Linda played Sleeping Fawn with the Jumpers right
before they did yoga with Ms. Melissa. I played Sleeping Fawn with Swimmers
at the Meadow. It is a game in which the children pretend to be fawns, or as
I told them, baby deer. The teacher is a coyote, sniffing around for food.
If the coyote can make the fawn move or laugh, the fawn gets eaten, because
the coyote can see it. If the fawn stays still and quiet, it stays alive.

The Jumpers enjoyed doing various yoga poses with the Frogs and Ms. Melissa!
They made many kinds of animals, as well as airplanes, trees, and rocks,
with their bodies! Ms. Teresa and I took the Swimmers to the Meadow. On our
way, we discovered frozen puddles! We stopped to look at the beautiful
patterns frozen in the ice. Some children stomped on it and broke it! The
Tadpoles enjoyed touching the ice with their hands. They discovered that it
was cold, wet, hard, smooth, and slippery! We also discovered two kinds of
animal droppings. One set looked like it came from goats or deer. The other
set looked like it came from a goose or chicken or other bird. We talked
about how animals poop just like people. But they poop outside, while
Swimmers poop in their diapers. We looked with our eyes only, keeping hands
away. Swimmers also found leftover fluffy seeds in our wildflower meadow.
They enjoyed holding the seeds and blowing them.

It was another grand day at the Pond!


Manager of Curriculum

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