Frog Fridays: Big Feelings

Today at Morning Meeting I told Frogs that the turtles were taking a
vacation for a few days because their shells are not as healthy as they
should be.  Hopefully they will feel better and be back soon.

Green Tree Frogs took today to review the Big Feelings such as Frustrated
and Disappointed that they have learned over the course of the past few
months.  Frogs practiced showing their faces for each emotion and reviewed
what they could do when they get upset.   Ty and Keisha, two of the Al’s
Pals puppets, helped Frogs talk about this.

Northern Green Frogs practiced keeping friends safe as a part of the
Feeling Buddies Curriculum.  First, I partnered the Frogs up.  Then, we
sang “Row your boat” while one partner pretended to be the boat that had
to keep their other partner safe.  Next I turned the lights off to help
Frogs imagine that a storm was coming and sang “Row your boat” again.
Finally, all of the Frogs got a Feeling Buddy and we sang the song again
while the Frogs comforted the buddy.

Some Frogs enjoyed making obstacle courses out of Logs and Rubber Tires at
Toad Mountain.  Others discovered that there was ice in a small pool of
water.  The ice was paper thin and Frogs enjoyed looking at one another
through it.  Other children enjoyed playing Hungry Hippo for a few
minutes.  Almost all of the Frogs were super excited when a shower of
ice/snow came down from the sky.  Frogs and Jumpers also enjoyed doing
Yoga with Ms. Melissa.  Some of the poses that we did were waterfall and
warrior pose.

Some centers today were bugs and stones and big legos.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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