Frog Fridays: Elizabeth the 1st and Perseus

Today at Morning Meeting we had a little puppet show.  Perseus and
Elizabeth the 1st were playing Racecars (let me tell you—they are fast!).
After a short while, Elizabeth the 1st told Perseus that she wanted to
play Hide and Seek with Rover.  Perseus asked if he could join and
Elizabeth the 1st said that they can all play together in 5 minutes.
Perseus became sad because he had no one to play with, until Squeak came
along and asked if Perseus wanted to play racecar together.  Perseus was
super happy to play with Squeak.  After 5 minutes, Elizabeth the 1st
finished playing Hide and Seek with Rover and all of the 4 puppets played
racecars together.

Northern Green Frogs reviewed Strong Feelings with Ms. Kim as a part of
the Al’s Pals Curriculum.  They came up with Strong Feelings that Ms. Kim
had missed and they all got to teach each other about the Feelings.  They
also danced to the Feelings Music at the end!

Green Tree Frogs had another little puppet show.  Squeak became upset with
Rover and told Rover that he can’t come to his house.  Rover tried to hit
Squeak and then Perseus helped them solve the conflict.  He helped Squeak
to use his words “I don’t like it when you take the swing and then try to
hit me”.  Rover also used his words:  “I don’t like it when you say I
can’t come over your house.  We’re buddies and that makes me feel sad.”
After using words, they took turns on the swings.
Following the puppet show, Frogs used woodland animal puppets to talk to
one another.  They used different voices to talk to one another.  I spoke
with a bunny named Snow White, a little beaver with a high voice, and a
ladybug that zoomed around the room.

Frogs presented the cards they had made yesterday at Story Mountain for
the sick rooster.  Some of the kids drew pretty decorations on paper for
the rooster.  Others wrote things like “We will miss you” and drew
pictures of the rooster.  I just got word that the rooster passed on—we
will definitely miss him.  I believe some parents asked how old he was.
He was 10 years old, which is beyond how many years most roosters make it

Some centers today were firetrucks, woodland animal puppets, and fur and

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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