Tadpole Tuesdays: Woodlands in Winter, and migrating birds

This morning with Ms. Subohi, the Tadpoles learned about migrating birds.
They learned that some birds fly away to where they can find food for the
winter, and other birds stay here and look for seeds to eat. Then they
pretended to be birds flying away south for the winter!

At the art table this morning, the Tadpoles enjoyed cutting magazines with
scissors. They love the feeling of accomplishment when their scissors make a
cut in the paper! Some colored on the chalkboard as well.  In the front
room, they read books, such as SNOW and another one about a bunny wanting to
be a different animal. They also played with dress-up and puzzles.

In the back room today, Ms. Teresa lead some of the Tadpoles in doing yoga!
They loved moving their bodies in different ways pretending to be different
things. They also played with the people and cars, giving the toy people
rides. They played with the soft squishy balls, throwing them at each other,
and also taking turns getting in the bin and being buried in the balls! They
played with 3-D shapes and danced in the back room as well.

At Huntley Meadows, Ms. Heather and Science Sarah talked with the children
about trees. They noticed the blanket of fallen leaves that covered the
ground to keep baby plants and little animals warm. They noticed many bare
trees, and a few that still had leaves! They saw that the holly tree had
sharp, pointy, green leaves. The beech tree had brown, dry leaves. They
talked about how trees go to sleep in the winter. Science Sarah showed them,
using her fingers as sap and her body as the tree, how the sap goes down to
the roots in the winter. Then in the spring, the sap goes back up into the
branches and out pop the baby leaves! The children enjoyed copying her
little role play! The children noticed vines twisting and hanging on the
trees. They also found gumballs and pinecones. They talked about how
pinecones and gumballs hold seeds and that squirrels like to eat pinecone
seeds. They took one apart to see the seeds.

Back at the Pond, the Tadpoles enjoyed visiting the goats and feeling their
thick winter fur. They also swung on the swings and pretended to cook in one
of the houses near the sandbox. They took time to wander and explore under
the small trees as well.

Jumpers enjoyed playing with the Frogs at Toad Mountain. They played
pretend. They watched a show put on by some Frogs on the stage, in which
they roasted marshmallows and hot dogs (leaves on sticks) over a pretend
fire for the audience to eat. They were so yummy! Some Jumpers also enjoyed
the swings with Ms. Teresa, and playing Hungry Hippo with Ms. Ashley.
Swimmers enjoyed exploring the yard and watching the goats.

It was another great day at Frog Pond!


Diana, Manager of Curriculum

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