Frog Fridays: Perseus says Rover is not his Buddy

Today is Perseus’ birthday (he is the lion puppet)!  Wahoo—he just
turned eight years old!  Frogs are super excited to be celebrating his
birthday today!  Although there is a lot of excitement over Perseus’
birthday, Frogs learned that Perseus said Rover (the Beaver puppet) cannot
come to Perseus’ birthday today.  Perseus does not want Rover to attend
because Rover took a block that Perseus was using to build.  So Perseus
told us that Rover is not his buddy and that Rover cannot attend his
birthday.  Rover became sad when he heard this but decided to ask another
puppet (Squeak) if he wanted to be his buddy.  Squeak agreed and then
started playing with Rover.  At the end of Morning Meeting, I told Frogs
they would have to wait to see if Perseus and Rover can resolve the
conflict when we celebrate Perseus’ birthday at snack.  You can ask how it
went at pickup!

One group of Frogs went to the Pipeline Trail afterwards with Science
Sarah and me.  We enjoyed walking on the crunchy leaves and observing the
many puddles of water that had frozen over.  We also found a huge tree
that had fallen over.  All seven Frogs sat on the log at once and took
turns counting from one to seven.  On the way back, we heard a Carolina
Wren making its loud call from high in the trees.

The other group of children read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and
painted a snowy scene mural afterwards.  The book is about a boy that
enjoys playing in the deep, deep snow that had blanketed the area.
Before the boy comes inside he puts a snowball in his pocket to save for
later but unfortunately it melts when he gets inside—no worry, he has snow
to play with the next day.  The mural that the Frogs painted had lots of
snow with tints of blue and red and silver glitter!

Frogs enjoyed running around Toad Mountain and smashing the ice in the
digging pit.  They also made an obstacle course out of boards and logs.

Some centers today were community helper dress up and fire trucks and
stones and leaves.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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