Tadpole Tuesdays: Frog transitions and Winter Animals

The past couple of mornings have been busy ones for the Tadpoles, as they
just said goodbye to four of their Tadpole friends, who became Frogs! When a
Tadpole becomes a Frog, the Tadpoles get to tape a paper tadpole tail on
their backs. Then they sing a goodbye song, wave, and give the departing
Tadpoles lots of hugs. Tadpoles sang goodbye to two friends yesterday,
and two friends today! The Tadpoles will still see them around the
Pond, as there is mixed age play the first and last hours of the day, as
well as Jumper time at Toad Mountain at 11am. We congratulate these new
Frogs on this important step in their development!

This morning before the transition, the Tadpole teachers read a book with
the children called, Don’t Wake Up the Bear! It’s about several different
animals of various sizes who find a big, warm, hibernating bear. They each
in turn snuggle up to it to stay warm. The mouse settles in the bear’s ear,
and when she sneezes, the bear wakes up! All the animals scatter, as the
hungry bear goes to look for. berries to eat! The children loved the story
and then pretended to be some of the animals in it.

In the front room, Tadpoles played dress up, Legos, and read books. At the
art table today they played with play dough and cookie cutter shapes. They
also enjoyed coloring on the chalk boards. In the back room they enjoyed
running and playing with 3-D sensory shapes.

Outdoors today, Tadpoles enjoyed swinging and playing in the houses. They
also played in the sand, zooming cars and trucks, and scooping with shovels.
Some Tadpoles played in the puddles and the mud. Some found ice.

At Toad Mountain, the Jumpers played on the swings. They also enjoyed
rolling down the hill over and over again! The Swimmers had fun playing in
the sand and putting on and taking off gloves. We talked about how gloves
keep our hands warm when it’s really cold outside, and that wet gloves don’t
work like dry gloves do.

It was another grand day at the Pond!


Diana, Manager of Curriculum

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