Frog Fridays: Ice Experiment

Today at Morning Meeting we welcomed two new Frogs into our
class—Frogs were excited to sing the Dr. Becky Bailey Welcome Song to
the new Frogs as we gave a high-five, a handshake, and a wave to them.

Afterwards Northern Green Frogs read The Mitten with me.  It’s about a boy
that loses his mitten on a snowy day.  A squirrel, bunny, and even a bear
fit in this tiny little mitten.  Unfortunately the animals expand the
mitten so much that it bursts open.  As I read the story, each of the
Frogs put a tiny plastic animal into my mitten, which somehow was able to
fit all of the animals.

Green Tree Frogs experimented with ice to see how quickly ice melts in
water.  Ms. Theresa and Ms. Diana had three bowls of water:  cold, warm,
and hot water.  They predicted that the ice would melt most quickly in hot
water, which it kind of did—for some reason, the ice actually melted
quicker in warm water than hot water!  Frogs talked about why that may
have happened (maybe we put too many ice cubes in the hot water).  It took
about 4 minutes for ice to melt in warm water and 2 minutes for it to melt
in cold water.

Some Frogs enjoyed splashing in the many puddles around the Tadpole Yard.
A few used shovels and pails to scoop water out from underneath the swing
so they could swing without splashing through the puddles.  Other Frogs
enjoyed playing the in houses—I believe some of the kids enjoyed pretend
cooking as well.

Some centers today were rocks and animals, plastic waffle blocks, and
letters and baking trays.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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