Tadpole Tuesdays: Science Sarah Visits

Some of the Tadpole teachers are sick, so I got to spend a little time with the children today. I had lots of fun and was especially pleased to get spontaneous hugs from some of the kids.

The Tadpoles are delving deep into colors this week.  Yesterday they read a book called Mouse Paint, in which white mice explore pots of paint with colorful results.  The kids created a mural as they explored colors just as the mice did.  Today they got to glue brightly colored mouse cut-outs to their painting, matching the mice to the colors they would have been playing in (judging by the color of their fur.)  The children also colored with crayons on beautiful mouse pictures drawn by Ms Linda.

Later the children fed Ms Janel yummy vegetables (from the toy food collection), which they identified by color and by name.  So much growth in object and color recognition and in vocabulary!

In the back room the children practiced life skills and fine motor coordination with the doll’s house and toy people.  In the front room they built with blocks and in the media center they felt and looked through soft, see-through, colored scarves.

Getting ready to go outdoors was, as usual, practice in complex tasks like matching shoes to the correct feet, getting the socks turned round the right way, putting on coats and zipping them up, and remembering hats and mittens.

Outdoors with Ms Teresa the children fed and watched the birds in addition to their usual activities of climbing, swinging, digging and running.

Science Sarah

On-Site Naturalist

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