Frog Fridays: Volcano Eruption in Frog Classroom

Breaking News—-
Volcanoes will be erupting very soon in the Frog Classroom.  Frogs will be
building volcanoes by putting playdoh on the outside of water bottles.
Then, they will pour warm water, vinegar, and baking soda to set the
eruption off (this idea comes from ).  I have to
admit this eruption may not be as big as the ones that take place at Toad
Mountain, but I still think it will catch the volcano enthusiasm that has
been spreading in our classroom!  Feel free to ask how the eruptions went
at pickup!

Today at Morning Meeting Frogs ran in place to release some of the
excitement and then I shared that we would be celebrating Isabel’s
birthday today.  Frogs were excited to roll the biscuits out themselves
and sprinkle cinnamon on it as well.  We will eat the biscuits as we sing
happy birthday to Isabel at snack.

Green Tree Frogs went on a Bear Hunt with Ms. Ashley and me in the
backroom.  We went on a journey through thick oozy mud, a deep, cold
river, and even a snowstorm (used pictures from  Finally, Frogs found Perseus, the lion
puppet, who made the biggest roar I’ve heard.

Northern Green Frogs enjoyed putting food coloring and salt on ice to
decorate the ice.  Then, they made ice sculptures by stacking the cubes on
top of one another.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing in the snow.  Some made snow angels,
others had a snowball fight with me, and several just ran in the snow.
Some Frogs noticed animal tracks in the snow and guessed at what animal
may have made them.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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